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I’ve taken the plunge and started selling my quilts on a web site.

Some of you that have been with me since the beginning may know how much I enjoy making quilts in my spare time.


baby and child quilt


Children's and Baby Blankets



I’m focusing on making stylish and fun blankets for children and baby’s. My point of difference will be high quality, using bold colours and what I think will be a reasonable price. I guess I’ll soon know if it’s not 🙂 Every blanket will be unique and I’m planning on offering bespoke designs, including integrating names into the design of the blanket.ABC Childrens Quilt  pirate-quilt-blue

At the moment I only have my Etsy store, but plan to have my own web site up soon and I’m planning to share my wares at the local craft exhibitions.

So if you have a moment I’d be very grateful if could take a look at my store and let me know what you think … all feedback gratefully received. Also if you could Share with your friends on social media or otherwise that would be fantastic!

Hope everyone is well!

Best wishes

Rural Gardener

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Kindle Bags - The Rural Gardener

For those of you that may not have been to my blog before my other passion outside of gardening is quilting … it keeps me going during the winter months when the garden is sleeping and I find it totally relaxing.

This week I’ve been making my own Kindle Bag. They are really simple to make and  just the right size to store a Kindle or an iPad.

Kindle Sacks

I try to use recycled material where possible as it  just makes sense to give something a new lease of life. But I’m a sucker for gorgeous material, in particular anything with farmyard animals.

Home made Kindle Bags

A bit cheeky I know … but I’d love to know what you think?

Very best wishes,

Rural Gardener

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