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What Is The Name Of This Plant?
I’m hoping someone is going to be able to help me today to find the name of this plant.

I bought it two years ago from the plant nursery at the Lost Gardens Of Heligan. I’d seen it while walking round the gardens and thought it had the most beautiful deep red flowers which cover the plant in June and July. I believe it’s an evergreen and grows to approximately 5-6 feet.

Can You Name This Plant?

Not long after I got home the leaves started to drop and the plant looked to have died off completely.  😦  At first I thought it might be deciduous but this was the end of June after all.

Anyway rather than throw it away something told me I should hang on to this little plant and stuck it behind the polytunnel for the winter.

Then earlier this year to my surprise it started to grow back. It’s not as full as it was when i bought it but I’m just delighted it’s survived and I didn’t give up on it at the first sign of trouble.

Can You Name This Plant?

This where I really need some help.
Unfortunately I lost the label and have no idea what the name of the plant is?
There’s a lesson here for the would-be plant collector. As soon as you get any new plant home record the full name and the date you acquired it. After all it’s easy these days with mobile phones having a a camera of some sort.This summer I’ve gone one step further for the nursery and downloaded a great little free ‘App’ called Evernote.All I do is take a picture of the plant on my phone and add a couple of notes making sure to include the full name of the plant and the date I bought it. This information along with the photo is automatically stored in the cloud, which basically means I can access my plant list from my phone, tablet and/or pc from pretty much anywhere.  Now whenever I need to refresh my memory about a plant I just pull out my mobile and hey presto I have access to my complete library of plants.  How cool is that!

There’s plenty of information out there about Evernote but I will post a more detailed piece about this great little app and how you can use it to create your own plant list . Only wish I had it when I left Heligan that day!

If you know anything about this little plant I’d be most grateful for any information you can pass on. I’ve also noticed it’s a slow grower which might be down to the growing conditions, so any advice would also be most welcome.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you so much.

John And Tania The Rural Gardeners

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