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The plumbers completed the last of the installations on Friday i.e. the Utility sink. The base comes from the Varde range from IKEA. It’s well built and reasonably priced for what you get.

All we need now is the water supply connecting to the mains and we’re in good shape to move into the house full time. Plan is to move in over the half term holiday.



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After much hassle with the suppliers the bi fold doors eventually arrived and they’re looking good. Made in Germany so the build quality is all good .. BUT they did manage to manufacture them 40mm short the first time around!



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It’s the best time of year to harvest Hazelnuts or Cobnuts as they are sometimes called. Hazel trees are so versatile … you get the benefit of the nuts at this time of the year and then get to harvest some long straight sticks as supports for next years flower garden. By the time you get to the following Spring any sticks you’ve removed will have grow back twice as strong.

We’re lucky at Fieldview as we inherited a well stocked hedge of hazel trees. Walking around the garden earlier today we managed to gather literally hundreds before the squirrels had their fill.  They won’t starve that’s for sure!

Cobnuts are so sweet at this time of the year as they’ve just turned brown and are at their peak. We’re planning to use the  nuts in a home made biscuit recipe, as well as a tasty addition to morning cereal. Other uses  include as a nutty addition to salads as well as a tasty treat for Christmas time.

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Decided on a range cooker and went for the Smeg. We’ve had one before and we found it robust as well as competitively priced for what you get.

Bought it from ‘Appliancecity’ online. Just can’t argue with the price and the delivery service is first class. They called yesterday to confirm it will be delivered between 7am and 11am .. and true to their word the cooker arrived at 8.00am this morning .. and the guys carried it into the house into it’s resting place. We have 48hrs to make sure it isn’t damaged and it of course make sure it works.

Looks like we’re going to be having a roast this weekend in the new house!  OHHH YES!

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