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One of the many great pleasures when you grow your own veg is how the seasons produce different crops. It’s that of the year with fireworks night just around the corner, which mean pumpkins! … or in our case ‘Gourds’. It’s our first time of growing them and we’re pretty pleased with the results.

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Looks like we’re going to be fine .. we had a visit from the Bat experts last night. Appears we’re in the clear as we only have evidence of old bat droppings in the part of the loft. The next step is she will report her findings to the official body (sorry can’t remember who they were) after which we should get a report stating we are good to go!!!! Of course you should never count your chickens, or bats come to that, but it’s looking better than it did 10 days ago.

We’ll keep you posted.

Chickens are doing really well averaging 4 eggs a day … as we are a family of only three now (H & J at Uni) it’s more than enough to keep us in eggs.

T made some beetroot brownies courtesy of Hugh FW but to be honest couldn’t really taste the beetroot.😦

Next weekend we need to get the base for the new Workshop down as we plan to demolish the garage first.

Lot’s more projects coming ….. e.g. wildlife pond to build, mobile home to come on site, bonfire party, build some hedgehog houses, insect boxes and just maybe a couple of bat boxes.


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We’ve heard back from the planners and they’ve asked for a ‘Bio Diversity’ report. Apparently it’s just one of the never end bits of bureaucracy you have to tick off along the way. To be honest wildlife is a the top of our agenda anyway so we’re only too happy to do what we can to make this work.

So what is a BioDiversity report?  – Essentially means as we are going to demolish the loft in fact demolish the entire bungalow we need to first check if there is any wildlife existing in our loft. This relates mainly to the presence of Bats and/or Barn Owls. We don’t think we have either, although we have seen a couple of bats flying around the kitchen garden. So we’ve contacted the local bat group and they’re coming round next week to check the loft and prepare a brief statement for the local planners.

We’ll keep you posted.

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